Frequently Asked Questions


We offer our comp at 7.5% of the value plus TPO premium where the TPO premium for a 14 sitter Toyota Shark is 98,400/- annually which can be paid in up-to 12 installments.

Get it from the comfort of your desk for only 600/-

Report any loss within 48hrs and not later than 7 days by:-

  • Filling the claim notification form
  • Calling our claims department office
  • E-mailing our office

The following documents should be forwarded thereafter.

  • Duly filled miscellaneous claim form
  • Police abstract report
  • Consignment note
  • Copy f your policy schedule
  • Excess normally deducted from net pay.
  • Once we are in receipt of all the above documents, a loss adjuster appointed to adjust the claim and advise us on our liability & quantum.
  • We issue settlement offer (discharge voucher).
  • Settle the claim (insurance act within 90 days upon submission of all the required documents, while in the market to remain competitive we settle in thirty days).

If M/V is comprehensive, it should be taken to one of the garages in our panel for assessment and thereafter repairs/if it is a total loss wait for our discharge voucher.

Before releasing the motor vehicle from the garage once the repairs are done, it should be re-inspected and later policy excess should be paid.

If own repairs, we issue discharge vouchers

Settlement of the claim.