Rediscover Nandi Race Road Event with Tree Planting at Kimondi Forest

AMACO proudly participated in the Rediscover Nandi Race Road Event which was held in Kapsabet – Nandi county. This is a remarkable and eco-friendly initiative that combines the thrill of athletic competition with a profound commitment to environmental conservation. Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Nandi County, Kenya, this event brings together runners, nature enthusiasts, and conservationists to celebrate the beauty of the region while actively contributing to its sustainability.

As a part of the Rediscover Nandi Race Road Event, a dedicated segment was allocated to a tree planting initiative at Kimondi Forest. This tree planting activity aims to address environmental concerns like deforestation and habitat degradation while promoting a culture of conservation and environmental management among the participants and local communities.

Runners, cyclists, local communities, private organizations and the government came together to actively participate in the tree planting event. Each participant contributed by planting tree species carefully selected by Mama Doing Good – a initiative of the First Lady of Kenya

This event was a shining example of how sports, culture, and environmental conservation can unite to create a positive impact. It showcased the power of collective action in addressing environmental challenges while celebrating the natural beauty and heritage of the Nandi region.

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