• Elizabeth Koskei
    Elizabeth Koskei Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Lawrence Tanui
    Lawrence Tanui General Manager
  • John Galimogle
    John Galimogle Chief Finance Officer
  • Nancy Khakame
    Nancy Khakame Human Resource Manager
  • Martin Mwibanda
    Martin Mwibanda Head of Sales and Marketing
  • Benson Ogutu
    Benson Ogutu Intimations & Vetting Manager
  • Jotham Muchina
    Jotham Muchina Head of Risk and Compliance
  • Francis Njenga
    Francis Njenga Underwriting Manager
  • Moses Mursoi
    Moses Mursoi Acting ICT Manager
  • Pamela Mutoro
    Pamela Mutoro Audit Manager
  • Daniel Oreng
    Daniel Oreng Sales manager, Broker/Corporate/Partnerships
  • Ken Kiprop
    Ken Kiprop Claims Manager
  • Alice Cheruiyot
    Alice Cheruiyot Sales Manager- Agents
  • Philip Nthumbi
    Philip Nthumbi Sales Manager - DSFs
  • Delphine Mukandutiye
    Delphine Mukandutiye Brand & Communications Manager
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