Our HEAD OFFICE is now located at 4TH FLOOR NEXTGEN MALL along Mombasa road. 2nd Flr TRANSNATIONAL remains our CBD branch.

    We are conscious of the Company’s social responsibilities of extending appropriate services to the community and participating in social development and capacity building. The Board of directors supports sustainable partnerships with communities, employees, local authorities and all stakeholders. The Board is fully aware that the Company stands a better chance of attaining long-term commercial profitability if it promotes social activities that blend well with ethical and moral values of the society, complies with legal and regulatory requirements, respects people, their communities and the environment. Our Company operates within the mandate entrusted to it by society and carries out its commercial activities in a socially responsible manner. The Board has crafted rules and regulations that guide the Company to function in ways that balance short-term profi t needs with society’s long-term requirements. Each year the Board approves finance resources set aside for funding social activities aimed at alleviating the suffering in society.