Our HEAD OFFICE is now located at 4TH FLOOR NEXTGEN MALL along Mombasa road. 2nd Flr TRANSNATIONAL remains our CBD branch.


    Insights for the year 2011

    Our company achieved a strong financial performance despite the challenges facing the industry as a whole. Intense competition, legislative amendments and rate undercutting were the main challenges faced by the industry during 2011. Our company recorded reasonable gross premiums written and overall profitability although the magnitude of claims and quality of business poses the greatest challenge. In addition, the industry as a whole continues to face challenges of the “cash and carry” regulations as the industry is corporate and broker dominated.

    During 2011, our gross earned premium income in the year reduced marginally by 4% to Shs 1.66 billion from 1.74 billion recorded in 2010, while our net earned premium remained steady at Shs. 1.23 billion. Investment income improved by 8% to Shs. 83 m while commissions earned in the year went up by 3% to Shs. 123 million. Net income earned for the year under review remained in tandem with 2010 at Shs. 1.43 billion.

    As a result, net claims incurred reduced by 10% to Shs. 631 million down from Shs. 704 million recorded in 2010. Commission’s payable reduced by 12% from Shs. 163 Million to Shs. 143 Million in 2011. Our operating and other expenses grew marginally by 8% from Shs 529 million in 2010 to Shs 572 million in 2011.


    Insights for the year 2012

    The company balance sheet remained healthy during the year under review. The total assets at Shs. 2.135 billion compare reasonably well with 2010 whose asset base was Shs. 2.09 billion. In the year 2012, the company will focus on collecting receivables so as to further improve the cash position.

    The shareholders increased paid up capital of the company through additional capital of Kshs 60 Million thereby increasing it to Kshs 500 million. The company continues to operate with share capital that is higher than the minimum capital requirement set by Finance Minister in June 2009 budget.


    Ksh MillionsKsh MillionsKsh MillionsKsh MillionsKsh Millions
    Gross Premium1,7711,9122,1972,5603,307
    Net Earned Premium1,2231,3231,6111,9362,279
    Claims Incurred6317548491,0471,307
    Underwriting Profit3951869962
    Investment Income83107222163186
    Profit before Tax8296145143177
    Profit after Tax4367133103139
    Shareholders' Funds6036868609811,431
    Share Capital500500535550858
    Total Assets2,1352,3482,8103,2474,444
    Total Liabilities1,5321,6621,9502,2663,013
    Cash from operations-13191135284264
    Expenses of Management533494582800833